Tempco Design Group Inc.

About Us


Formed in 2008, Tempco was started by Brian Boyne. Brian moved from Toronto at the beginning of the '90s with his parents to Vancouver Island, his family wanting to get away from the increasing pressures of urban life. In his teens, his father Leo opened a computer store, at which Brian worked, teaching himself how to code HTML and CSS websites, starting with just Notepad. Moving to Vancovuer in 2003 with his girlfriend, Brian started to pick up contract work with different studios, invoicing through his father's computer store. When that shuttered, Brian then decided to incorporate Tempco Design Group himself. Though happy to work with other designers, and always flexible to the clients desires, Brian has always preferred a minimal, easy-to-use design, aiming to be user-friendly and standards compliant.

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We are always interested in hearing inquiries into new projects. Please feel free to contact us through the form below.